NO WAY: My Mom Had A Stroke, Now What Do I Do?

When first talking to John, the social worker for the rehab floor at the Hospital, I asked him “Is there a book I can read to help me through all this?” Pointing to my hand, “That folder I gave you has some pamphlets with information regarding causes for stokes and recovery for victims,” was his response. “No, no. I mean I’m a daughter of a woman who recently had a stroke and I don’t know what to do. Like the book would be called ‘My Mom Had A Stroke, Now What Do I Do?’ You know of any books like that?” John, the social worker who I soon learned is a Mecca of social workers for rehab patients in the Chambersburg area, replied “No. I haven’t heard of anything like that.” And so, 6 years later, I decided to start this blog.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

10/08/06 - Sunday, October 8th


Mike and I went to see Mom for lunch.  She was just finishing up occupational therapy for the A.M.  She is having all three hours of her therapy every day of the week, how wonderful.  She had a great lunch and let the lunch lady know that she wanted cranberry juice for two out of her three meals.  She was trying to talk with me again and I encouraged her, mostly blank stares and noises, but she's trying like the dickens.  I'm sure she wanted to tell me something important like "That shirt is too tight and your belly is hanging out, I wouldn't go out in public with you."  She has grabbed onto my shirt twice now while I am leaning over and she looks down my shirt and laughs.

Paul and Dad went for dinner. Mom ate well then wanted to get into bed.  Paul encouraged Mom to call the nurse to get some help.  Mom buzzed the nurse and motioned to the nurse that she wanted to get into bed. Way to go Paul with the encouragement, way to go Mom for following through.

Thanks for the love and prayers,
Peggy Anne

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